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We are glad to announce our 20% CBD-rich tincture by Swiss Cannabinoid. Among ours products the 20% CBD-rich tincture have the highest concentration of CBD (Cannabidiol). 

The cannabidiol is the most studied of the cannabinoids in the last decade. Everyone knows the benefits that CBD can ensure If brought into daily life routine. Try to find the time in your day schedule to relax and cuddle yourself enjoying our tincture comfortably at home. We are sure that you wouldn't regret it. Feel the best effect of 20% CBD-rich tincture by Swiss Cannabinoid during the bed time. But you are also free to take it during the day and adjusting the dose at your discretion.

CBD Oil tinctures are the most popular method of consuming the compound. For our 20% CBD-rich tincture we used organic MCT oil (coconut derived). The easiest way to take this versatile tincture is under your tongue, but it can also be added to food and beverages.Starting dose: 5 drops under the tongue. The dose can be higher after a week of daily use.

Only simple and natural ingredients: Cannabidiol (CBD) 20%, CBG <0.2%, THC <0.2%, 100% MCT oil

Available in 3 sizes: 1900 mg, 3800 mg and 9500 mg.

Swiss Cannabinoid is producing top-quality extracts and maintaining a trusted transparency with our customers. Because of this, we send every extract to be tested at a third-party lab. If you’re curious about the exact chemical breakdown of our CBG/CBD tinctures, click here and check out the lab results.

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